Want to be Money-Smart?

Start With Not Losing Crores of Rupees Without Even Knowing It!

Would you hire an employee and then not give them any work to do? Or let them act like they are working when they are not? No, right?

So why do that with your money?

Your money is a resource, just like your employees at office and at home. Make it work hard for you.

That is what investing is about. Making your money work hard for you.

Investing may not be easy.

But it is not rocket science either.

You just need the right knowledge.

And you need to be intelligent, which you already are :)

They should have taught us these things in college, but they didn't. That is why you don't know much about it. That's all.

I am Zaharah Sheriff. I am a Chartered Accountant and an investment expert with 20 years’ experience.

I manage investments for wealthy families. It is a very small, exclusive group of clients. There are high minimum cut-offs to become part of this group.

But what if you don't have that kind of wealth yet?

To give you access to the kind of investment coaching that I provide to my clients, I have designed a video course that contains the basics that I think every adult needs to know about investing.

The course is called "Investing is a Life Skill".

Because that is what investing is.

Investing is a Life Skill.

Every adult needs it.

And so do you.

It is not optional.

Since learning about investing can feel intimidating I have used simple language as far as possible to help you ease into the process.

You will get a short 2-3 minute video every day in your inbox.

So what's the catch?


I am not trying to sell you any investments.

Not now.

Not during the course.

Not after the course.

I just want to teach.

It is not free. I will charge you for the course. But not yet.

Right now I want you to take a free trial.

Don't sign up for the entire course.

Just watch the first segment which explains The Most Powerful Rule of Investing.

It has 4 videos. You get 1 video everyday by email for 4 days.

And like I said, it is free.

If you like these 4 videos, you can pay and sign up for the full course.

If you decide not to buy the course, that is totally fine. There is no obligation.

With the 4 videos you will still have learnt the most powerful rule of investing.

It should hold you in good stead over your lifetime.

Watch these free videos.

You have nothing to lose.

It's just a matter of 4 days.

You should try it out